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Patient from Chandigarh

I had pain and burning sensation while passing the urine which was due to my menopause and a mild SUI, due to which the frequency of urine was very high and had to visit the bathroom at least 20-25 times a day. My personal and social life was getting affected by this.

Then I came across Dr. Lalitha’s Urogynecology Clinic in Hyderabad. I immediately flew in from Chandigarh to Hyderabad to consult Dr. Lalitha for the problem that I was having. She then advised me a laser treatment (femilift). The procedure takes less than 15 minutes, has three sittings and is pretty much painless. Dr. Lalitha was very accommodating and explained the procedure very well. I felt most relief after my second session and after third session I was very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend this procedure. It changed my life, I hope it changes yours too!